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How China stimulates electrical transport innovation

More then 1 million electrical cars are on the roads in China! Most growth took place during the last 2 years. China has severe air-pollution in its big cities. To battle this pollution they are seriously investing in green transport. Quota are set for car manufactures. They are required to sell a minimum % of electrical cars sold from their brand.

The current proposal is that 8% of the cars sold of a specific brand has to be electric in 2018 growing quickly to 12% in 2020. German car manufacturers started a lobby against the regulation as they are behind on the innovation of electrical transport compared with the Chinese manufacturers. If they will keep protesting and not start accelerating their innovation, the Chinese will out innovate them.
Good to see that green transport is being stimulated in the most populous country of the world!

source: The economist: China’s new NEV rules and electrek: China is pushing for aggressive new NEV mandate